Introducing the Story Title by Using Picture Puzzle Game

This may sound strange, but I think this is so much fun. Instead of just telling what story your students will be listening/reading/watching, why don't you start a game? You can search for the games on the book or internet, or you can invent your own game.

A few days ago, I thought of an idea to use Picture Puzzle game in my classroom to have the students guess the title of a story. There was so much fun. They were happy and so was I.

How to use the game in the classroom?


  • Prepare a picture(s). You may capture by yourself or download from the internet. 
  • At that time, I downloaded a picture of cucumber and a picture of gold.
  • Cut the pictures into some pieces.
  • I cut the pictures using the following pattern.
    Source: https://goo.gl/VugBeZ
  • You may also stick a piece of double tip tape if you want your students to stick the picture on a piece of paper. 

  • Ask the students to work in a group of three or four or in pair. Having the students work together can build their togetherness and responsibility.
  • Ask them to solve the puzzles.
  • Limiting the time gives more challenge to students.
  • When time is up, you can discuss the correct pictures.
  • Reward the fastest group who do correct job.
  • After that, let the students guess the story title by associating the picture with a story title.
  • For example: I had a picture of cucumber and gold. So, my students guessed Golden Cucumber (Timun Emas)
    If you use Tangkuban Perahu story, you can use a picture of a boat and a picture of mountain. 
    If you use Malin Kundang story, you can use a picture of ship and stone.
    If you use Cinderella story, you can use a picture of glass slippers.
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