Teaching Making Suggestions with Posters

I've shared with you one piece of my teaching activities that can be used to teach the expressions of congratulating. Now, I am sharing with you another piece of activities that can be use to teach the expressions of making suggestions. I hope this will help you to design a lesson plan and improve your teaching activities.
  • Topic = Making Suggestions
  • Level = Intermediate or Advanced
  • Aids = Posters
  • Materials = Expression of making suggestions
  1. Making Suggestion
  2. I think you should …
  3. I don’t think you should …
  4. Maybe you should ..
  5. Why don’t you …?
  6. Let’s ….!
  7. I suggest you …
  8. You could (do something)
  9. What about (doing something)?
  10. How about (doing something)?
  • Steps                  :

  • Prepare a poster. There are many posters on the internet. You can Google one which you like. The one which I used to teach is an environment campaign poster.
      Source/ download: http://goo.gl/yEctAI
  • Form a group (work in pair or small group) or let the students work individually.
  • Distribute the posters to each group or each student.
  • Ask them to read the posters.
  • Ask them to find out what the poster suggests the reader to do. You can use this worksheet to guide them.
  • Listen to each group’s opinion.
  • Give them some topics or you can let them choose a free topic.
  • The topics which I gave to my students are:
            How to improve your English.
            How to be healthy.
            How to keep your classroom clean.
            How to reduce stress.
  • Ask them to create based on the topic which they choose.
  • Ask them to present the poster in front of the class. They should use the expression of making suggestions to tell about the poster.
  • To keep the other students listen to their friends’ presentation, ask them to write what their friends suggest to do.
If you are teaching using Kurikulum 2013, you may download the lesson plan which I used to teach this material.

Some of my students’ works:

  • How to keep the classroom clean

  • How to be healthy

  • How to reduce stress

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