Teaching Congratulation with Twitter

If you are searching an idea of how to teach Congratulation to your students, this idea might help you to enrich your lesson plan.

  • Topic = Congratulation
  • Level = Intermediate or Advanced
  • Aids = LCD projector, Laptop, Twitter Apps (additional: Smartphone)
  • Materials = Expression of congratulation
  • Expressions =
  1. Please accept my congratulation
  2. I’d like to congratulate you on (something)
  3. Congratulations!
  4. Congratulation to (someone)
  5. Congratulation on (doing something)
  6. Congrats to you on (doing something)
  7. I am very happy for you
  8. Well done!
  9. Well done on (something)
  10. It’s wonderful/fantastic
  • Steps =
  1. Search the expressions of congratulation in the search box and show them with the LCD projector. For example: type “congratulations!” in the search box of Twitter and tweets containing the expression will pop up! Or: Ask your students to search the expression by themselves on their Smartphone.
  2. Ask the students to read the tweets silently or aloud.
  3. Ask the students to identify the expressions in the tweets.
  4. Give the whole expressions of congratulation and teach them how to pronounce each of them.
  5. Give them some situations which require them to congratulate someone. For example: you may say that you've just got a new baby.
  6. Ask the students to compose a tweet saying congratulation based on the situation by mentioning the intended person.
  7. To make you easy in assessing the tweets, you may ask them to give a hashtag related to the situation. For example: #newbornbaby
  8. Search the hashtag (or ask the students search by themselves on their Smartphone) and show the tweets using the LCD projector and ask the students to read the tweets silently or aloud.

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