About Me

Hi I am Arik Budiarsana.

I am a new English teacher and still developing to be professional.

Currently, I am following a teacher professional training program (PPG) held by the ministry of research, technology and higher education of Indonesia. 

I've been teaching English since I was on the fifth semester of my undergraduate study. I've taught English privately door to door around Singaraja for two years. I have also taught English in Widya Putra English Course for two and half years. After the graduation, I went to a desert area of Indonesia to teach English in SMP Negeri Kayang, SMK Negeri Kayang and MTs Babul Rahmat Kangge. I was there for about a year. Recently, I've became an English tutor in Speak Up English course for four months before I join the teacher professional training program. For more information about my professional experiences, visit this link.

I created this blog to share my teaching ideas and experiences in Indonesia. The blog posts  are not always new since I took the ideas from the books, articles, and website I've read. 

Thanks for visiting my blog. Let's keep in touch on my Facebook, Twitter, or send me an email to iputuarikbudiarsana@gmail.com