Timun Emas: A good video to teach Narrative

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If you are in the middle of searching a video to teach Narrative to your students, this post might help you. As we know, there are so many videos available on the internet. They are very useful. But sometimes, the excessive numbers of videos available may get you overwhelmed to choose one of the best. In choosing a video, you have to concern on the language quality and also the cultural context of the video. Therefore, you can present a good learning resource to your students which benefit their development in learning English.

If you are teaching in Indonesia, I recommend a video of a popular Indonesian folktale Timun Emas. This video has natural English with good grammar, easy vocabulary, and good pronunciation. So, it is very authentic.

Credit to Andree Rivan Kurniawan

The Script of the video can be downloaded here. 


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    1. Thank you, Bapak. I'm trying to compile and share what I have read/thought/and done. Hope it will be useful for others.