Use this Verbal Boxing to practice the expressions of giving opinion

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Verbal boxing is a learning technique to practice the expressions of giving opinion. This is Matt Breyer’s idea from www.onestopenglish.com.  The original explanation of the technique can be downloaded here.

Students make groups of four. Like in real boxing, one member will be the boxer and the other students will be the coaching staffs.
In the classroom, the boxer is the spokesman, and the other members in the team will support the spokesman by providing him/her with opinions.

How I adapted this technique into my classroom?

> Materials
Prepare some small pieces of paper.  Write down the motion on the paper and  the position towards the motion (pro/contra).
The example of the paper I made:

> Motion
The motion I gave to my students:
1. THW support the death penalty for corruptors.
2. THBT social media bring more good than harm.
3. THW support the reclamation of Benoa Bay.
4. THBT homework should be banned.

> Procedure:
1. Tell your students that they are going to do verbal boxing. Explain what it is and how to do it.
2. Divide your students into groups of four students. Ask them to choose the spokesman.
3. Ask the spokesman to take a piece of paper provided by the teacher. The paper shows the motion they are going to debate and their position.
4. Give them 10 or 20 minutes to discuss their arguments over the motion they have.
5. Call the groups that have the same motion and ask the spokesman to debate according to the position they take (pro/con).

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